Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crete-Wash environmentally friendly?

Yes, Crete-Wash is environmentally friendly.

How does Crete-Wash break down the Concrete?

It reacts with the Pot-Ash and Active Lime in the Concrete mix converting it to a paste.

Why should I use Crete-Wash over Hydrochloric Acid?

Hydrochloric Acid is a very Dangerous Chemical and is extremely corrosive and harmful to both your tools and to the environment. 

What is the difference between Crete-Wash and other concrete Cleaners on the market?

Crete-Wash is a plant based cleaner as opposed to sodium or harsh acid based which will corrode metals. 

What sizes does Crete-Wash come in?

750ml, 5l, 20l, 205l and 1000L.

What is the secret ingredient in Crete-Wash?

A pinch of Love.

Can I leave my equipment submerged in Crete-Wash?

Yes, you can leave it in Crete-Wash and remove after a duration of time and rinse. 

What else can Crete-Wash Do?

It Loves Rust, submerge a rusty implement in Crete-Wash and will bring it back to nearly brand new! 

Does Crete-Wash affect painted surfaces?

No, it does not affect painted surfaces, check out our car cleaning video.

Where can I purchase Crete-Wash?

Check out the where to buy button for your nearest reseller!